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Our son has an earache for the first time ever! I Our son has an earache for the first time ever! I used all of these remedies and he woke up with no earache and no more congestion in his nose!!! How cool is that?!

Earache Remedy
3-5 drops EO from <a href=Butterfly Express 2-3 drops BBL tincture (alcohol not glycerin) from Butterfly Express Place cotton ball in ear with a drop of basil essential oil on the OUTSIDE of the cotton ball (DO NOT place the basil oil inside the ear or touching the ear) Dilute a drop of grapefruit essential oil and rub around the ear for pain We also used a heat pad for extra comfort Our kids have not had an ear infection yet, thankfully! But I got EO a while ago to have on hand when I might need it. Better safe than sorry! I’m so glad I got it and had it ready! Save this for later and visit or link in bio (Butterfly Express) to order some for when you need it! Earaches don’t wait for shipping! #naturalremedies #herbs #essentialoils #essentialoilsforthewin #oilylife #essentialoilsrock #oilsforthewin #essentialoilswork #essentialoilsforhealing #essentialoilsforhealth #oilylifestyle #oilymom #myoilylife #herbalists #naturalmedicine #medicinalherbs #healingherbs #herbalremedies #holisticwellness #herbsforhealth #homeremedies #healthcoach #healthandwellness #naturalhealing #wellnesslifestyle #healthyhappylife #naturesmedicine #purefamilyessentials #earache #earinfection">

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