About Pure Family Essentials

Pure Family Essentials is a website to aid you in taking your health back into your hands by using:

We also emphasize:

  • Eating a traditional food diet
  • Minimalist family activities
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • and trying to get away from technology (trust me…it does pertain to your health!)

We try to talk about all aspects of our health including nutrition, brain health, physical health, relationship health, and more!

Our mission is to help others do the best that they can for their families.

That’s different for everyone! Some families need food/recipe advice, some need medicinal alternatives, some need a mentor to help them along their path and some just need it all. Whatever stage you’re in, we’re here for you! We try our best to make all of our posts into small, bite-sized pieces so that you can spend less time reading our posts and more time implementing what you learn!

Our Story

Our names are Emilio & Chandelle and we are the masterminds behind Pure Family Essentials.

Chandelle is a pilot, healthnut, book lover, teacher, mentor, essential oil guru, dancer and organizer.

Emilio is a drummer, music guru, comic book nerd, massage therapist, dancer and comedian.

Dad, Mom & 2 Boys

We also have 2 sons under the age of 6 who brighten our days with their smiles and silliness!

We all start somewhere…and we started with eating fast food several times a week, having candy or ice cream every night after dinner, and visiting the doctor for many ailments that we could have fixed on our own.

We had different health issues that included chronic illness, lethargy, sugar addiction, obesity, and low immune systems. We started our journey by using essential oils and it has slowly spread to healthy eating, using herbs as medicine, homeopathic remedies, and a more active lifestyle.

That is our reason for starting Pure Family Essentials.

We wanted a way to share our journey and help others on their path to natural living. We believe in education and knowledge. Knowledge is power.

We share information about what we put into our bodies, including what we ingest, breathe, touch, and even inject into our bodies. This encompasses everything like cleaning products, our food, medicine, vaccines, and even the amount of time we spend around electronics.

We only get one chance at having these bodies and we need to treat them right so they will work for us, not hinder us. We seek to educate so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.

We want you to know that this is a step by step process. You can’t click your fingers and be disease-free or lose all of your cravings for sugar. It took you several years to get to where you are…it will take some time to get to where you need to be. Habits aren’t broken in a day, but we are here for you every step of the way. 

Our Past and Start of our Health Journey

I was introduced to essential oils & homeopathics back when I was 7 years old, because my best friends mom had a small natural remedy shop in the small town that we lived in. Once they moved away, my mom and I stopped using or buying essential oils/natural remedies until I got a rotator cuff injury while attending college.

Nothing was helping my shoulder pain go away, even after it was supposedly healed…so my mom got me a roller blend for pain from an MLM company for me to try. It helped the pain subside some, but not completely.

Shortly after Emilio & I got married, I twisted my knee in the kitchen and heard a very large pop. Since that day, I had dull pain in it that rarely went away. I tried the same roller blend on my knee and went through almost 2 bottles hoping it would help, but the pain was still there.

I had heard really good things about doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub and wanted to give it a try, but we couldn’t afford it at the time. My knee continued to hurt, so we finally found the money and bought one through Amazon (which is not a smart idea because it’s very easy to fake stuff sold on Amazon, but I didn’t know any better at the time).

I used this on my knee every single night before bed and during the day if it was hurting particularly bad. About a month later, I suddenly realized that my knee didn’t hurt anymore. I was still rubbing Deep Blue on it every night because it had become a habit but I actually didn’t need to anymore! The pain was gone!

Within about 6 months of being pain free, Facebook showed me an advertisement for a free essential oil webinar. This ended up being through a doTERRA wellness advocate and I signed up and got my kit as soon as I could. She sent a reference book to me with tons of different ‘ailments’ and what essential oils work best for them and that is where our journey began.

Essential oils were diffused through the house often and they became our ‘go to’ before medicine when we were sick or in pain. I have chronic spontaneous urticaria (chronic hives/welts) that came back from coaching a local High School Colorguard team. When I got pregnant with our first child, my welts got so bad that some days I could barely walk or hold a fork (because my hands and feet were so swollen).

I started researching remedies for it because Zyrtec every day was just not cutting it. The only other thing that helped me was Protandim from LifeVantage but it only helped, it didn’t take away my welts completely, just made them go away quicker when I did get them.

Through my research, I found out tons of information about our gut and how the food we eat inflame our gut and cause it to break out and it can manifest itself on the skin. I wanted to try an autoimmune diet protocol but did not want to shock my body like that during pregnancy.

However, I was hooked…I would spend hours upon hours researching and reading articles and books and listening to doctors and others’ health journey stories and I knew that we needed to change. We did a Whole30 in January (after having our son) and that was the biggest eye opener to food. EVERYTHING had sugar!

We have definitely had our ups and downs since doing that initial Whole30 but we always come back to healthy eating. Since then we have also started to use herbal teas, tinctures, and homeopathics for alternative medicine and we strive to be on the preventative end of disease and illness instead of fighting it constantly.

We have replaced almost all of our cleaning products with natural, essential oil based cleaners and have replaced makeup, body wash, deodorant and so much more with natural alternatives.

We now strive to educate others about natural living and making healthier choices.

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