Hey! We're the Huerta family and we've put together this handy resource guide for you. We get asked all the time: “Well what do you use for _______?” And so we thought this would be an easy way to share our favorite things with all of you!

First, a little housekeeping: 

Disclaimer: Some of these resources contain affiliate links, but rest assured they are all from companies I personally use, recommend and trust. There is no additional cost you, and in fact, often times when you use my link, you will save money with my exclusive discounts and coupons. Please trust that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful, use clean ingredients and aren’t toxic or harmful; not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Non-toxic Living

MyGreenFills Laundry Products

Why do you need non-toxic laundry products?

  1. Every minute of your life, (outside of showering) your skin is in constant contact with your clothing, bedding, towels and beyond…
  2. +90% of store-bought laundry products are loaded with not one, but DOZENS of toxic chemicals
  3. These chemicals are now in full contact with your skin (the largest organ of your body) all the time. 

But not all-natural, non-toxic products work! The last thing you want is to have smelly or dirty laundry after washing them. I've tried several different non-toxic laundry soaps and this is THE ONLY ONE so far that I have found that works! I hated doing laundry and now I look forward to it just because I LOVE the smell of their detergent! (I'm not joking…I'm still really bad at folding the laundry after it's done but I can't wait to start a load of laundry now.)

We love their laundry detergent so much that we've partnered with MyGreenFills to offer our Pure Family Essentials family an amazing deal!

Get your Buy One Get One Free deal right now! That's 50 loads of non-toxic laundry detergent with free shipping, when you purchase another MyGreenFills product.

Essential Oils


There are so many essential oil companies out there and they are NOT all created equal! You need to do some research to find pure, high-quality essential oils. I've done this research for the essential oils that we bring into our home and shared my results with you. You can read more about my top 4 essential oil companies/brands here, but for quick reference, here are my top 2 favorites:


This is my FAVORITE company to buy essential oils. The purity is absolutely unbeatable! Butterfly Express's blends are better than any other companies that I've tried as well. Most of their oils are organic or wild-crafted (they just haven't made the switch to labeling them all this way). Butterfly Express also has herbs, tea, and homeopathics so it's a great one-stop-shop!


Plant Therapy is a great company as well and I use ALL of their KidSafe blends because they are so easy and convenient for the little ones. Plant Therapy is growing quickly and has some really cool essential oil swag and they have my favorite diffuser of all time! Their carrier oils are also available in 16 oz bottle and have a squirt top which is so easy to fill roller bottles up quickly!


This masterclass is great for beginning and advanced essential oil users. I had been using essential oils for several years before I found this course and I still learned a few new things!

Healthy Eating


I'm not sure how many times I've heard the words: “Eating healthy is so expensive!” It can be, but only if you do it wrong! Azure Standard has a wide array of products including fresh produce, frozen foods, hygiene products, cleaning products and much more! You can order smaller quantities or you can buy things in bulk, which always saves a few bucks. It's all conveniently delivered to a drop point near you each month and they have amazing customer service!

My personal favorites to get from Azure Standard: 

Kamut Flour or Kamut Whole Grains

Einkhorn Flour or Einkhorn Whole Grains

Slept Flour or Spelt Whole Grains

Sucanat (pure, unprocessed sugar)

Evaporated Cane Juice (I only use this for water kefir or in place of Sucanat if I run out)

Baking Soda

Dried Fruit (cranberries, raisins, etc)

Fresh Produce


This is another great place to get healthy foods at a discount. They have wholesale prices to fit everyone's budget and you can easily search by your ‘diet' preference to find great products. Most things are even cheaper than Amazon!


I've tried DOZENS of meal plans and this one beats them all! They have 4 different dinner meal plan options to fit everyone's diet needs (we personally use the no flour/no sugar plan) and they have the shopping list all sectioned perfectly so it's easy to make substitutions if needed. They make it so easy and most of the meals only take 30 minutes to cook. That's a win, win, win in my book!

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