20 Ways to Get Started With Essential Oils

I've been using essential oils for years to help me with my health and wellness. I've always been a believer in the power of natural remedies, and one of the best things about them is that they are so easy to use! In this blog post, I want to share 20 ways you can get started with essential oils. These are a few of my favorites, but there are many more out there! I love that these can be used in so many different ways and for so many things. They're great for all kinds of reasons – from supporting your immune system and helping you sleep better to making you smell fantastic after just one spritz.  Essential oils are a great way to help maintain balance and wellness in your life!

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I love that essential oils are so versatile and can be used for almost everything that you can think of. I love keeping a binder of all of my favorite recipes and diffuser blends so grab a FREE printable below of all of the recipes in this post! You can post it up somewhere or keep it in a binder by your essential oils…the possibilities are endless!

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