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Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

This habits of health system addresses 6 areas of your life to help you achieve optimal health. You tackle one habit at a time, which sets you up for greater success.

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About Chandelle

Health Coach & Certified Essential Oil Coach

Hey! I'm Chandelle Huerta, founder of Pure Family Essentials. I am a wife of a drummer and a mom of two little ones and a fur baby, Nala. We live in a small town in western Idaho and enjoy being so close to our extended family.

I used to be an EMT and Photographer, but have now become a health coach after dealing with excessive pain and autoimmune disease. I used essential oils to heal my pain and have kept my autoimmune disease away by living a more natural, health-filled life.

I became a certified essential oil coach in 2019 and enjoy helping others eat healthier, lose weight, reduce toxins in their home and strive for a more natural, holistic, healthy life.

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Essential Oil Inventory List

Self-care idea list

20 Diffuser Blends for every occasion

“…I began to research what chemicals are in air fresheners. I was amazed at the number of toxic chemicals they contain, most of which are not disclosed, and even more amazed that they can be sold…I found myself becoming more and more sensitive to other things like perfumes, fragrance in laundry products, pesticides, and exhaust fumes. I diligently try to find the products that I can use to clean my house, wash my clothes, and wash my hair that are non-toxic…”

Sarah W.

“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.”

Deepak Chopra

My Recent Posts

Big book of diffuser blends for every occasion

100+ blends for holidays, sickness, sleep and more!

10 categories of blends for every season & occassion

Printable to keep next to your diffuser

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